'How do Economic Circumstances Determine Preferences? Evidence From Long-Run Panel Data.' British Journal of Political Science, accepted for publication (pdf) (Replication Files)


Under Review:

'Ideology, Grandstanding, and Strategic Party Disloyalty in the British Parliament' (with Jon SlapinJustin Kirkland, Joseph Lazzaro and Patrick Leslie). Invitation to revise and re-submit, American Political Science Review

'Careerists versus Coalminers: Welfare Reforms and the Substantive Representation of Social Groups in the British Labour Party'   (pdf)

'Policy Ideology in European Mass Publics: 1981-2014.' (with Devin Caughey and Chris Warshaw). (pdf)


Work in Progress:

'Measuring the Policy Positions of British MPs from their Speeches on the Welfare State.' In Progress